Ghosts. Werewolves. Witches. Wendigos. Oh, my!

Robbie just wanted to be like everyone else, but using forbidden spells is well... forbidden. Now he and his sister have to spend the summer with their estranged father. It's supposed to be a punishment, but it might be the only place Robbie can reinvent himself.

Robbie has secrets, and it isn't just because he's transgender. If his new friends learn about the real Robbie, it could hurt more than his newfound happiness. It could be disastrous for his whole family.

Will his new friends accept him, or will a haunted house destroy everything?

well of eternity kindle.jpg

Flashes come in pans, lights, and writing. They are only there for an instant and then gone, like driving past light posts in the rain. Each story is a small window into worlds as you pass. You don't know how it begins and you won't know how it ends. That's up to you. You can imagine any beginning and any end. The story can keep going as long as you want, as long as you can imagine it. This is the Well to Eternity.

The ghosts are gone, but something is still lurking in the dark.

Robbie finally feels like he is fitting into his new life, even if a rogue spell banished his tail. He is finally learning magic, and he even has an appointment at a gender clinic. But a strange doll hidden in the attic and old family secrets might put everything in jeopardy.

Strange things are happening all over town. From dolls moving on their own to monsters escaping from the forest. Robbie knows it's all connected, but he doesn't want to believe it because he'll have to ask:

What if the wendigo wasn't destroyed? What if they only made him stronger?